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Definitions and Clarity
Think about big things first.  Every opportunity that exists in the job market is different – much the same as no two job seekers are exactly the same.  The process of defining your individual search criteria should take time; it is a lot to think about.  It is our responsibility as your career consultant to help you visualize your target.


Think of the job market like the sea – vast and dynamic.  Part of what an expert recruiter can offer you is a real-time view of the market – today.  If we held a conversation about your career desires and aspirations and you receive a subsequent call from me; please answer – I was listening to you and the opportunity I am calling about matches the criteria that you have defined.


Is This Real Life? 
Employment bliss is always the target.  Once you make the decision that an opportunity is compelling enough to engage in a conversation with a potential employer we will begin a defined process to assist you in making educated decisions.  The process is designed to help you avoid wasted time and to exit conversations as early as possible should you see fit





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